Credosoft – Partnering for web and mobile development

Andrea Jiménez Zárate
Oct 31, 2022

Getting to know the client

Credosoft Limited is a leading company in the asset integrity and RBI software industry. Its uniquely flexible Inspection Management Software System runs in a web browser and is especially adapted for large-scale enterprises extending over multiple geographic locations.

Credo is the corporate standard system for many leading international operators in the Refining, Chemical, and Power industries.

The challenge

Credosoft identified an opportunity to expand its product portfolio with a mobile solution and was looking for a consultant to join their product development team, someone with mobile development expertise to assist their team and help them complete the project in a timely fashion. In addition, they were looking for a way to scale their software development capacity to successfully meet the demand for client-specific customizations without compromising their R&D efforts.

Riimu’s role

Riimu has become a reliable provider of complementary software development services for Credosoft, from providing know-how in mobile development and working on client-specific integrations to working closely with the Credosoft R&D team on core platform (Credo8) features.

The collaboration with Credosoft started in June 2021, when the Credo mobile development efforts began.

Credo Mobile 

The benefits of working with Riimu

  • Riimu works with Credosoft to develop integrations and supporting interfaces between the Credo 8 platform and external systems. The integrations make it easier for end-users to transfer data between Credo 8 and the client’s systems.
  • The technical knowledge and independent working methods of the Riimu developers help Credosoft to deliver solutions faster to their clients and improve the end-user experience. 
  • Riimu also complements the Credosoft team with mobile development expertise and assists them in developing Credo Mobile. This product extends the Credosoft product portfolio with an easy-to-use, time-saving solution for the inspectors working out on the production sites.

Comments by the Riimu team

“I absolutely enjoyed working with Credosoft. They are such an inspirational team who allowed me to do my job independently, believed in me, made me feel confident about my knowledge, and trusted me to work independently. They were supportive all the time and upfront about the challenges we faced. I feel grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing people like them and have opened the door to some of my colleagues at Riimu who now work with the Credosoft team”. 

Roberto Russo, Senior Software Developer at Riimu

According to Artur Nikitin, Software Developer at Riimu, it has been a challenging but enriching experience to work with Credosoft. He feels he is improving his skills while developing the interfaces integrating the Credo 8 with different systems. He is happy to help Credo to reach its business goals and share his expertise to keep improving its product. 

How has it been working with Riimu?

Riimu provides us with an easy, reliable, and cost-effective way of speeding up our R&D work, which means more satisfied clients and new opportunities to grow our business.

Silvia Bordoni, Business Manager at Credosoft

Working with Riimu allows me to focus on delivering features to our clients instead of worrying about staffing. With the help of their team, we can scale when needed and get more things done in a shorter period of time. The collaboration with Riimu has been smooth, their technical skills are terrific, and they have been able to grasp our codebase and the end-users needs quickly.

Einar Pius, Technical Lead at Credosoft