Pictue – Agile development at speed

Tomas Lindberg
Sep 29, 2023

Getting to know the client

Pictue is a nimble start-up developing a construction photo documentation solution. With the help of Pictue, construction organisations can speed up and standardise the way they take, tag and store pictures and how they collaborate with their partners. Pictue significantly reduces the time spent documenting and reporting construction work.

The challenge

Pictue had an MVP solution developed for both mobile and web use that did not fully support their future needs. With many new customers signing up, Pictue wanted to enhance the performance and UX of their solutions and decided to develop new versions of their offerings. However, as the sales and development teams were busy with their own tasks, neither one was fully aware of what the other one was doing, what the status of the work was and what work to prioritise next.

Riimu’s role

Pictue came to us with two asks, speed up development and help organise and align development efforts. We began by analysing the current situation, understanding where they were as an organisation and what wasn’t working to expectations. Next we facilitated a co-creation session where key people from Pictue came together to define clear goals and priorities for future iterations of the mobile and web solutions. Finally we turned the new priorities into development epics, stories and tasks in Jira and supported Pictue with designing the required views so that developers had clear tasks to work on. As a result we collaborated to improve internal transparency as well as development velocity and quality through clearly documented and prioritised tasks.

Pictue web laptop

The benefits of working with Riimu

  • Strong technical expertise in developing business web and mobile applications
  • Seamless collaboration between design and development
  • Easy communication and flexible approach to adapt to changing requirements
  • Effective and budget-conscious collaboration approach

Comments by the Riimu team

Working with Picture was a great experience. We had very open and direct communication with their team, which made decision-making quick and flexible. I was able to bring my experience as a front-end developer to the project while also learning valuable new things. I think we all benefited from the agile approach to design and development.

Adrian Wragg, Software Developer at Riimu Solutions

How has it been working with Riimu?

We approached Riimu because they had the technical skills that we were looking for. With their help we were able to quickly organise and align work efforts and deliver both mobile and web solutions our clients desperately needed. The Riimu team were very professional, flexible and easy to work with and I’m looking forward to working with Riimu again in the future.

Kasper Välimäki, CEO at Pictue