9 IntelliJ IDEA features that I think you should be aware of

Every IDE has features that, to some, are vital for everyday work but that others are unaware of. Here I list some of my favorite IntelliJ features.

Summer Party 2022

At Riimu, we held our company’s annual summer party on Friday 17th of June, just a week before the official midsummer holiday, allowing us to kick-start the midsummer celebrations with our colleagues a week in advance. We also took advantage of this gathering to get to know all the colleagues better as we have new members who recently joined the team.

Inside Riimu’s International team; Andrea’s perspective on working in Finland

I came to Finland two years ago to start a new life; I began my adventure and professional career in Europe, starting with half a year of studying in Spain. However, being away from Mexico, my country of origin has not been easy.

Mimmit Koodaa webinar by Riimu

How often have you heard it mentioned that the software industry is male-dominated? Unfortunately, we’ve also heard it too many times. However, we believe that women play a vital role in the software industry, both presently and in the future. By teaming up with Mimmit Koodaa, we discovered how we could help raise women’s interest in software development. Want to know more? Keep reading.

We are looking for a new developer to join our team, are you the one?

We are looking for a Front-end Developer with a good command of JavaScript to work with us on interesting client projects. We would like to find someone who also has interest and/or experience to do mobile development using a cross-platform technology like Flutter or React Native.