We are hiring a Recruitment Specialist!

We are taking our next steps to enable faster growth and as a part of that effort we are strengthening our team with a Recruitment Specialist. For the role we are however looking for someone with fluent Finnish language skills and that is why the job description is also in Finnish. Click below to read more!

Exploring the Challenges and Rewards of Hybrid Digital Work

At Riimu Solutions, out of the twelve members on our team, nine are of different nationalities. This diversity has allowed us to adapt to various changes, including working remotely from multiple locations worldwide. We have a hybrid working model, allowing our team to work from the office, home, or somewhere else when it fits the project and schedules. We usually work in Finland, but sometimes we work from places like Skopje, Hanoi, or Thessaloniki. 

Yet another insight about the current state of web development

Web development is a rapidly growing field that requires fast adaptability if you are to keep up with all the current features and updates that are being published at almost light-speed. When evaluating the different options, there are three notoriously important approaches to consider: React, Vue and Svelte. In this blog post I’ll try to […]

Client Reference: Credosoft

Credosoft Limited is a leading company in the asset integrity and RBI software industry. Its uniquely flexible Inspection Management Software System runs in a web browser and is especially adapted for large-scale enterprises extending over multiple geographic locations.

Top 7 things to consider when working on client projects 

How often have we struggled when working with customer projects? However, it might happen that we are struggling with something more mundane than we think. So here are the Top 7 things we believe are essential to remember when working as a consultant on client projects.