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Everyday software stories

rune raidoRune Raidho symbolises the motion that drives us forward. It’s about living a story instead of talking about it. Together with our clients we are living and creating everyday software stories.


We are a software services company that focuses on the Java ecosystem and business web applications. Our experienced full-stack developers work on all application layers, from the database to the browser. For our customers we are a reliable and straightforward development partner who delivers what they promise.


Software development

Software development

Quickly ramp-up your team with senior experts who can lead your project to reach the business outcomes you’re looking for.

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Java ecosystem

We are experts in Java and the Java ecosystem. In addition to core Java our toolset includes Spring, JavaEE, JPA / Hibernate, Vaadin, REST API’s, to list a few.

business web applications

Business Web Applications

We can build an end-to-end solution for your business needs. Reach out to us and we’ll plan the delivery together.

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Ville Saarinen

Sales & Operations

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Sebastian Nyholm

Senior Software Developer

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Mirjan Merruko

Senior Software Developer

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Goran Atanasovski

Senior Software Developer

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Hiep Nguyen

Software Developer

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Michał Toporowski

Senior Software Developer

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Bruno Freitas
Bruno Freitas
Head of IT Development, Unilabs Portugal

Mirjan has a high sense of code quality and very effective objective oriented focus. Definitely, he is a software developer dream team member